Selection fair 2016 agua roja

Agua Roja

After a very promising first release, AGUA ROJA carries on with their musical journey on Roses, a new EP set to drop on April 20th that marks the unexpected return of the French electro-pop trio.
Their story? AGUA ROJA drops their first song on Soundcloud, just to see. To their surprise, the number of plays rises quickly and the band releases their first EP, Summer Ends quickly after.
After that early start, the members of the band decide to take some time to grow and set their identity. Each set on their own path, November, Clément and Ben live, experience and dig deeper – allowing them to sharpen their knives regarding their area of expertise (producing and mixing for Clément, songwriting and toplining for November and composing and live-performance with other bands for Ben). Still water runs deep.
Reference wise, AGUA ROJA has to be handled with precaution. Some compare them to The XX, others to an electrified Adele. The truth lays probably somewhere else, in-between the melancholic yet joyous thorns of Roses.

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